So I have a question???

I just stepped up to bass to fill in a position in our jazz band at school. I have a 2005/2006 Fender Deluxe Active Jazz Bass, but what I don't know is if the bridge needs to be adjusted.
The first 3 strings (A,D,G) are lower on the bridge than my bottom E string, and I was wondering,
do i need to lower my E string to be along the same height as my other strings?

I know its probably a really stupid question, but I don't know that much about bass bridges and intonation yet since I've only been playing bass since January.

Its easier to play if all the strings are the same height so you dont move your fingers all over the place so i would say ya fiddle with the bridge saddles until there the same height
I always thought the A and D strings were supposed to be a little bit higher than the E and G strings?
Are they lower on just the bridge or are the that way all the way up the fretboard? I was always told that the saddles should match the curve or fretboard radius, so there should be a slight difference between the saddles.

Unless its dramatic (and that's hard to determine without pictures), if your intonation is not horribly off and the bass has no noticeable neck issues, I'd agree with Bumper and leave well enough alone.
Yeah the intonation is slightly off, but only on the E and A strings
I don't think the neck has any issues or anything.
So should I adjust the saddles?
My advice is to check the Bass Forum FAQ, Delerium has done a good concise explanation of how to set your action and intonation. Any other questions, post back and someone will assist you.

Adjusting the saddles and intonation is not hard and even though I won't mess with the truss rod on my basses, even I can handle setting the intonation and action on my basses doing saddle adjustments.
I talked to two of my friends. One is thoroughly convinced that it is the truss rod, and the other says its the bridge though. Also my other friend said to adjust the bridge that you should take the strings off. Is that true??
if i were you, i wouldn't adjust anything until you learn about bass set-up. the strings are supposed to be set to a specific distance from the frets. this distance varies to taste, but that'll come later. read the FAQ. then check out this site.
http://www.tunemybass.com/bass_setup/ . read it thoroughly.
we really can't advise you about a bridge adjustment, with-out being there. if you do decide to adjust the bridge, count the turns you use, on the adjustment screws, in case you need to reverse your adjustments. the best advice would be to take it in for a pro set-up. they can fix all the issues, and it'll play like a dream.
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