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Voters: 12.
I'm seriously considering getting this

I have a musicman tube amp which I run the pod 2.0 through, it sounds great
I like metal and shred, but I also need versatility
my guitar's a jap strat with tonezone bridge, hs2 mid, and a PAF pro neck

Yay or nay, please say why

I use mine all the time. The versatility is great. Since you already have a POD you got a pretty good idea. Unless the 3 is still out of your price range. I'd go with that. I want to get at least 2 years out of mine before i upgrade.
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Are you refering to the the X3?

I think the Xt suits my needs the most out of the Line6 floor type pods after checking out their specs
boss gt-8 or gt-10 > line6 pod xt live!!!
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