on my 2007 mexican standard tele the bridge pick wont sound in position 1 like it should. The only way it does sound, is if i crank up the amp and overdrive it... then i hear the twangy sound it should make at a volume of about 2 on a small amp... please help as I bought the guitar for the bridge pick up

Thank You
might be a wrong wire solder to wrong place as in hot to ground and ground to hot, this happen to me once, on position 1, it sound like any normal pickup but the volume decrease when i on position 2. hope this helps
you might have a cold solder joint, check that all the solder joints are shiny,as cold joints don't transfer electricity well, to fix it, just melt the solder and move it about a bit, works almost every time.
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De-solder the pup and test it with a DMM (multimeter). If you don't get and Ohms reading, the pup is broken. Be sure to set it to a position greater than the pup's resistance (or in this case, impedance).
Like everybody said. It's not likely that the pickup broke, it's more likely to be a solder joint. Could be a switch too. Do you have a multimeter to test it with? If you don't your job will be much harder.
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