ok ive got my super special awesome dean razorback in metallic white and ive decided to get the zakk wylde either buzzsaw of bullseye paintjob because i think it would look really cool and i dont know how much this kind of paintjob would cost because i want to know how long to save up my money for.
... dude. A Razorback with the buzzsaw paintjob would look freakin sick.

I'm not sure about prices though. I'm planning on getting a custom paintjob soon, but my dad might be able to do that for me.
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Depends how you want it done. You could do it yourself, strip your guitar's current finish and do something such as a cut out template spray-on design with cheap car spray paint for about the same money as the spare coins you find down the back of your sofa.

Alternatively you could have it professionally re-done with vinyl decals and so on for probably a couple of hundred.

If you want it done well, expect to be paying at least a couple of hundred, I would think. Pays your money, takes your choice; you can get it done cheaply or you can spend more ont he re-finish than you did on the guitar itself, just depends how much you're willing to spend and as a general rule, the more you're spending, the better quality the re-finish will be.

Also bear in mind that if your guitar is a set neck or through-neck, or if you want a bolt-on neck to be re-finished along with the body, it will cost much more. If you can have the neck taken off though (i.e. bolt-on) and just get the body re-finished, it'll cost less, obviously.
kool but trust me if i could do it my self i would id probably try doing a buzzsaw finish and end up with a duck or somthing on it
A regular paint job will 150 or more for solid color. So something like that is going to cost you pretty good money. 3 or 400 depending on how much prep work you decide to do.
Quote by dean.guitar.man
try doing a buzzsaw finish and end up with a duck or somthing on it
... Is it wrong that I now really want to see an over-the-top ultra br00talz heavy metal guitar, with a little yellow duck painted on it?