so being a beginner/intermediate (mostly beginner) guitarist, im having trouble pulling off the following:

this is from a tab of Paranoid by Black Sabbath, this lick is the very beginning of the solo:


another example of this is from the solo in Achilles Last Stand by Led Zeppelin


my question is basically how do you play this...for example in Paranoid..do I hit the 9th fret, bend it, while its bent, it the 11th fret, and relese there?
It doesnt really give me the sound im looking for...Ive found the easiest way is the just bend the string..but why is their a fret there...is it representing the sound the bent string will make? ok im rambling at this point...thanks and bye.....
9b11 means bend 9 so it sounds like 11.

11r9 means release the bend back to 9.

9p7 means pull off 9 to 7.