As album of the month does not mean that it is monthly but that this is the album of the month in question and nothing more, I refuse to make any sort of comical remarks about the inconsistency of frequency of these things. So carry on, and read the fucking review.

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If you grew up with white boys who only looked at Black and Puerto Rican porno cause they wanted something that their dad don't got, then you know where you're at. And if you don't, welcome to the world of Why? For those of you that don't know (and if you don't, I will take away your indie points now), Why is great. Composed of Yoni and Josiah Wolf and Doug McDiarmid, Why combines pop sensibilities, with indie silliness and sincerity, making for some of the most endearing and often disarming music on the planet.

But on to the album. Alopecia is Why's second full length album, and for those of you that know the sound, expect to hear a lot more of Yoni's hip-hop influenced side. His penchant for rapping is pretty obvious. Good Friday, the album's first immediate standout to me (though that may be because it is the second song), epitomizes the essence of Why? The seriously delivered seemingly random trivial rap-window into the life and mind of the always (cute and) amazing Yoni Wolf, is a wonderous breath of fresh air into the world of indie. The duality of an emotionally charged vocal track, with some of the almost stupid lyrics provides for an album that is wonderfully easy to relate to. It is easy to forgive, accept and even love lines like "In Berlin I saw two men fuck in the dark corner of a basketball court. " once you realize that maybe our lives aren't meant to be filled with profound cliches.

That isn't to say that Why is out to retell some stories of their travels on tour. Alopecia serves as a medium in which to explore our lives, and to create meaning out of the meaningless. Throughout the album, there are nuggets of wisdom, amazing one liners, and moments in song that make you want to jack off in the art museum john until your dick hurts. If lines like "and if you're in heaven waiting/you made it there fighting/the tightest kite string/in a bad storm with lightning" don't make Alopecia a soundtrack to life (no one's in particular), I don't know what does.

Simply put, Why never ceases to endear me. To make me fall in love with their sadness, their silliness, and their seductive music.

The only problems I had with Alopecia arose from the lack of sing-song tunes that were present on Elephant Eyelash, but as I listen, I am finding more subtle nuances in the rapping droll to sing too. Besides who doesn't want to be the one rapping "i never said i didn't have syphillis miss listless/hard like the bricks i pound my fists with/i mean she's hard like the bricks that i pound with my fists"

Story time: I was going to see Why on the 7th of this month. My friend and I made shirts that said "Fun Is For Assholes" to wear by cutting out the letters in felt and sewing/hot gluing them on to blank shirts. Our ride, my friend's dad, freaked about the shirts. Apparently asshole is too much for him. And he certainly isn't one for fun. I was pretty sad about it. But this albums wonderful. Listen to it!
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Throughout the album, there are nuggets of wisdom, amazing one liners, and moments in song that make you want to jack off in the art museum john until your dick hurts.

How could I possible not give this a try? I have heard about Why?, but to be honest I don't know if I have ever heard an actual song by them, so I'll reply as soon as I listen to this masochistic album.
i am really enjoying this album. These Few Presidents is the standout track for me.
Great review for a great album.

I loved it. 'The Hollows' and 'Fatalist Palmistry' rule.
does anyone else have the The Hollows EP/cover/remix thingy?
it is pretty dandy, Xiu Xiu do a cover of Yo Yo Bye Bye
That album cover is an 8 year old girl's wet dream. I'll check it out later
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That album cover is an 8 year old girl's wet dream.

Nearly as bad as the new Blood on the Wall album cover.

Haven't listened to Why? in a few years and didn't really enjoy what they were doing back then, might give this a listen though.
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i should probably get this. i would download it, but i've been on a pirating spree lately.
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I never really dug Why? But I suppose I could give them another chance; I haven't listened to this album yet.
I didn't like this enough the first time around to remember how it sounded at all, but enough people I know are in love with it. I guess I should give it another shot.

Same with Elephant Eyelash, now that I think about it. I must have listened to that album five separate times at the recommendation of five different people over the span of several months and I didn't retain a single detail about that album except for how annoying I thought his voice was.

It's not even that I hate them, I just can't remember enough of the music right after the album ends to even form an opinion. That's probably the only other reason why I'm going to give them another shot. (The first reason being that your review was really awesome.)
the first song allready got me hooked
the heart is a risky fuel to burn