I have been offered a really good deal on a vintage Jazz bass. I would buy it without batting an eye if it were not for this one problem.... it's a left handed bass. I'm right handed. Is it possible to learn on a left handed instrument if you are right handed if you are willing to practice hard enough? I don't want to risk damage by trying to remove and flip the nut. Has anyone out there trained themselves to be ambidextrous?
Yes, Michael Angelo Batio is left-handed but learned to play right handed and worked exclusively on his picking for two years, which is why he's so insanely fast now. You'll force yourself to concentrate on what feels unnatural which can help you a lot in the long run.
it WILL be hard. but it can be done
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I definitely wouldn't recommend it. I am ambidextrious (although I prefer do most things lefty) and learned how to play right-handed and that was still a little bit of a hassle. If you don't have ambidextrious tendancies it will be very difficult.

Interesting side note: I learned guitar righty and learned drums lefty (not that anyone really cares.)
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