So, I've been reading some of the stuff in this forum, and about 99% of it means jack to me. I've read some of the sticky's, and they've made some sense, I'll get back to reaing the whole thing later though..

I guess I'm asking for your advice, I need help with knowing the basics to Gear and Accessories. Bassicly, I've got a 12W amp, and my bass

So, I've heard terms like PA and stuff, and running through soundboards, alot of technical stuff, so I was wondering if someone could point me in the right direction?
t'would be appreciated. Thanks.
A PA is like a loud speaker system. You can run your vocals, guitars, drums, and whatever else you want through them into speakers so it all comes out balanced. Or you can do it the traditional way and just run the vocals and drums through it and just use you amps for guitars, though you probably dont need to mic your drums up to the PA unless your playing a huge show where you'll get drowned out. A soundboard is a big board with lots of dials, guages, switches, etc. It is usually part of the PA system and is used for balancing the instruments, turning off certain channels and Equalizing certain channels, among other things.
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