Looking to discover some new chords and chord formations on the acoustic side of things. Looking for something that has the nice ring-outs. Like let's say a C# played with the B and E strings open. Which can be used in sync with Emaj B and A2. Just some really good stuff-mostly for song writing. =]

Thanks in advance

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I got some good guitars, yo.
I play a C#-based chord like this quite a bit:

e 0
B 0
G 9
D 9
A x
E 9

Which has a C# and both the E and the B are echoed so it sounds nice. It's really just like an E power chord with a C# in the bass, or you can look at it as a form of a C#madd7 with no fifth.
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Like let's say a C# played with the B and E strings open.

Cant be done unless you alter the tunings of those strings since a C# doesnt contain B or E.

Same applies with your B major chord since it doesnt contain an E.

If you wanna stick to standard tuning, then your gonna have to do like the guy above suggested and play variations.

For example, I love the sound of these chords, i think they might be what youre looking for:

C#m7 - x42400
Bsus4 - x24400