Stupid title i know but i thaught it summed it up. Is the a website or something of the like that tells me a good percentage of bands playing in brisbane. By this i mean bigger bands not just randoms with a gig but bands that are work taking a 2 hour bus trip to see? I dont want a bunch of people saying myspace because then you have to go look for the specific bands and it takes ages. I just want something thats a big list of bands on one page that i can look through and think "Oh yeah thatd be sweet to go see" This is kidna vague i know but any help would be appreciated. Thanks all
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Oh and idk about your area, but in my city there's a promotion coompany that sets up shows of all the bands i like to see, even some really famous ones. so find the promotion company that sets up shows around your area. usually it should be up on myspace
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find a flyer for a show and see who's setting it up
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Im a QLDer as well. I just go onto to ticketek once a week and have a look at whats coming up

EDIT: For undergound bands im not sure man....give me a sec, ill try and find something

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