Does anyone know anything bout this amp?
How good it sounds? Good for Metal? Rock? Jazz?
I can't find any good info on this amp and I've never had the chance to play it?

Anyone here own it, or have played it?

Well here's one guy who does! My band owns one and our other guitarist sues it as his amp.

To start with it's VERY versatile. It's great for anything from jazz to metal. The three channels provide great versatility, having spearete EQ's and all. That's the thing with it, you can play close to anything with it and it will sound good. I really like it.

If you want to hear how it sounds, check out my video review of it, which is in the sig.
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Thanks dude!!
Your a great help, still if anyone else has an opinion feel free to speak your mind.
i agree with gabe, i was very impressed when i tried it (though that was several years ago now, and my ear for tone has a tendency to change...). It's pretty versatile, and will do most stuff. i wouldn't really want it for (exclusively) really heavy modern metal, but other than that, it should do most styles well.
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