So i just bought myself a Korg metronome, one of thsoe blue ish purple ish ones. I have no idea how to implement it into my practice routine though

It has configurable beat patterns, but I figured 4/4 was good. So I set it to that, at around 80 BPM. Now, do I play four notes in between eveyr tick, or in between every beat (the fourth one, the emphasized one)?

That's whats confusing me for the mnost part.

Thanks guys.
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No I get the theory behind it. But I mean do i play four notes (since it's 4/4) per tick, or per emphasized tick? Like...it beeps three times then does a more emphasized beep. Which indicates what? Is the emphasized one mean the end of the measure?
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One tick should be one beat.

So like this:

 1    and   2   and   3   and   4   and 
tick       tick     tick       tick

Oh, and the emphasized tick/beep will be the first beat of the bar.
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So for 4/4 time on my metronome, each tick is one quarter note? lol sorry to keep bothering you guys. xD
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metronome article.

This is a very nice article on metronomes, that would make any music instructor very pleased.

GOOD LUCK!! and you made a great choice to start playing with a metronome.
He don't remember, how it got there
It had a number, written on his forearm
It spelled disaster
I usually say out loud like moth-er-fuc-ker with my metronome before I start playing with the guitar.Every syllable for 1 note.Doesn't necessarily need to be that word,just use any word that has 4 syllables like metallica,or just plain 1-2-3-4.
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