so i broke up with my gf yesterday...
it was the second time we had gone out and 2 days ago she asked for a 2 week "break"...

ive heard alot of stuff about her and other guys ,.not dating but flirting and stuff.

she didnt really give me a reason for the break and i knew she wasnt serious bout this so i broke up....

last night she smsed me this poem which i didnt have words for coz it was about her attraction for me...and she saying she stilll wants me..etc

she doesnt really show much of this when we are goin out so im deciding to find someone who appreciates me more ...

anyways...i really really liked her
she did it for the lulz
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It's sad how the love drug is corrupted with so much bullshit
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Listen to this guy, he's australian. If there are any people out there who know how to handle women it's australians.
Casual sex?

Always good.

But no, I'm kidding. If she's not serious then you didn't really lose out on much, except potential for feeling a lot worse than you do now.
Why not give her a break? Or talk to her about her why she wants it? It seems rather childish to break up w/her when she just wants a break. Sometimes girls need space, or time or whatever. You must not have really really liked her or you would still by trying to make it work.....

If flirting upsets you, you have some security issues. And if she wasn't serious about this break, why are you? That's completely retarded to break up with a girl you really really like. Why did you break up w/her anyway? Also relevant info, how old are you, and how long have you two been together?
relationship thread!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!!1!1!1!one!!11!
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