the piano did not sound right, but it was a decent performance overall. Not much emotion in the singing

piano sounded ok to me tbh.

Dont like the singers voice tho. He can sing i have no doubt. Just maybe trying too hard? Sometimes you happen to sing like your idols as coincidence as i do. But if you dont, dont try if you get me, aside that, not bad really. Singer needs to work on mic technique too, too much popping etc in the mic

not bad tho at all 7/10

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Gotta say that was ****ing immense. For a first gig you guys seem pretty confident, good with the crowd before and after the song.
Gotta ask though, how the hell did you get a venue as good as that for your first gig?!
It seems pretty massive, you got a lot of space for your band so you're not too cramped, the lighting was quality, and you can actually hear the vocals clearly unlike many venues.
I hope my band get a venue as good as that for our first proper gig.

On the performance, I didn't find anything 'wrong' with the piano, however there is a chord change at the end of each verse progression that was missed out, but it's no big deal.
The singing was probably my favourite bit, I liked your style of singing, I liked the tone of your voice a lot, and it had just the right amount of reverb to make the song sound epic without being over the top.
All in all, that's an 8.5/10 from me, not bad for a first gig.

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