hey guys, i have a spider III 75, its about 2 months old. Id like to start off by saying i don't want any bashing, because whenever i make a post about my amp i always do get bashed. ok but anyways, when im playing for a little while, i notice that the bass completely drops out, and its all treble, and ill have to turn it off, wait a while and turn it back on and it will come back. do you guys notice this, because im wondering if its something to do with your ears adjusting to the bass sound. because i really dont see how this would be the amps fault, seems like a ery strange problem to have. anyone have a response? thanks

Ibanez RGT42DX
Boss MT-2
Have a more experienced friend/relative check it out for you. There are sometimes components that can go bad and cause that to happen. It can either be fixed or replaced.