This is a prog metal song that I've been working on. Its not done, but please assess what I have done so far. Thanks!

EDIT: I finished the song. Added markers and text in certain areas. No solo, but explained in the text.
Sess Na.zip
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I loved it. It changed style a lot, but it all fitted together, which I liked. The only problem I had with it was the riffs in bars 77 to 84 and bars 17 to 24 sounded kinda cliched to me, but I still liked them. Also If I were you, the bit with the church organ, I'd get rid of the first 4 bars with no drums, and just go straight to the bit with the drums under it. Just my opinion though.

All round I thought it was amazing, good work.
****ing loved it man.
i loved when all the instruments came back in after the organ man.
Sounds great but it changes too much, you should stick to some kind of main riff. The clean picked part during the last two minutes is truly amazing.
Really awesome man, I loved the way that progressed.

Not too much to elaborate on other than the opening harmony was amazing, the one near the end, again, amazing. But the part that really made me love this was about bar 70 something where the guitars cut off and you hear the bass riff backing it all.

Great job, 9/10.
I really like this. The intro is pretty amazing sounding. I like the pauses when the disortion comes in. It adds some nice melodic tension. I realy like the melodies you have gong at 32. But something sounds out of key in one spot, I can't really put my finger on it though.

I like the change of feeling at 44. The riff is dreadful, in a good way. Breakdown at 50 is pretty tits.

Haha 58. The riff after that is really good too. This realy reminds me of Between the Buriedand Me. Do you listen tothem a lot, because thier ifluence has clearly rubbed off on you. Nice chang of pace again at 72. Really cool, jazzy bassline.

That organ progression is sweet.

The drumming over it sounds really awkward. But I'm pretty sure that's just GP.

Holy **** 117 and the following section is one of the most AMAZING things I've ever heard. The solo is so ****ing sick.

Nice acoustic at 140. But again the drums here sound really awkward. It's those really fast snare rolls I think. It sounds like a bunch of army fags marching around or some **** lol.

Yeah I had to skip pst some of that acoustic part. It got really repetetive. You should put a solo over it.

You really have to finish this, dude. It's defineteley one of the best I've heard on this site. 10/10 so far.

Crit mine? The last one in my sig would be sweet.
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Thanks everyone. I've edited some previous parts as well as finished the song. Theres no solo, because I only had ideas and no actual parts out, but I've included them as text in the solo section. But again, please assess my song and tell me what you think.
Oh my freakin god! That was insanly good.
Intro is good as hell, and i love your use of diffrent time sig throughout the whole song.
Band enters is sweet, and i love that little drum break before the harmony riff.
Harmony is also sweet, the time sig makes it so much better.
Br00tulz is good, chaotic and builds tension.
The breakdown is sweet. love your use of triplets and 7/8 time sig here.
Back to the brootal ****, which is ok.
Then a cool transition to the dance part, which is also cool, i like that kind of sudden changes. Makes contrast and is much more interesting to listen to.
Your epic part is relaxing and good. the orgasm is sweet, but i think you should try making it in to a smal solo instead of repeating it.
Your eerie section is ok, but it goes from that to good when the drums come in.
I loved the drums here, kinda corpsy drums, which is awsome.
The clean section is good, i also like the timesigs here, but you dont have to repeat it, its long enough to only be played once.
The heavy part is ok. Then the chaotic section comes, which is pretty good, and as anywhere else in this song i like the timesigs, lol.
Solos domain is good, with nice harmonys, but i think you should have changed it up a little bit. Love the 1 bar break with only the bass playing.
As for the solo, well, its kinda missing, so i hope you get a good melodic one in there soon.
Outro is calming and good.

C4C? if so, then do my latest.
wow man that was amazing.
the onllly thing i'd say is that the "progtastic" part sounded a little bit forced, like you wrote it because you wanted it to fit 13/8 time or whatever.
other than that little tiny thing, it was wicked. very BTBAM-esque.



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