Kay, I need to know some songs to play on a bass for tomorrow, anything that sounds alot harder than it is, you know stuff that'll show someone up.
Honestly, people who just wanna "show someone up" are dickheads.
Unless like your mellow about it and someone was like I bet your sh!t.
But yeah...dont go out there "IM UB3R BASSPLAYERS!!!"

But what is tomorrow for you? whats going on..cause it's kinda hard to say songs when we dont know what's going on or what genres do you like.

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teh pronz
Um a friend of mine want's to see my progress and I need to do something impressive
tri sum wolfmuthu liek joker n the theaf cos andrew stockdal is hawt!!!

i <3 andrw stockdalez :0:
do a famous song with like one good line
Your dreams are all out of focus;
Knock you up when you're feeling down.
And all the world feels so unreal...

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Hitler was really smart and could have been a good leader but he was kind of a douche to the Jews.
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Muse - Hysteria or Stockholm Syndrome.

hysteria is a good one

stockholm syndrome is alot of the same note over and over fairly fast as far as im aware which isnt realy impressive if your just playing bass
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Muse - Hysteria or Stockholm Syndrome.

YYYYEEEEESSSSS both very good songs

or even try
Carousel by Blink 182
Affliction by AFI
Paralyzed by The Used
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made me laugh for some reason. i don't have any fetishes...you guys are just freaks or something. imagine that, freaks in the pit.

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take a deep beath................then stab him in the eye with a screwdriver
try some wooten
or not...id tell you but by anti flag is wicked cool