How Do you feel if someone get in your band as a same position to you

How do you feel if someone get in your meaningful band (or just a band) as a same position to you ,but if He is far better than you?

I guess I'd probably get jealous of him but if he was good to me ,maybe I could respect him and learn by heart
that did happen to me, i left the band after a fight with the drummer and he replaced me, the kid wasn't much better but still i think he's an ass.
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It wouldn't happen.

Nobody is as good as me.

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i dont think theres a reason to get jelous or anything unless he acts like he's better than you (even if he is) like jamming with somma my friends, when all the guitarist does is play buckethead and malmsteen-like solos, i cant really be jealous, i just sorta sit back and accept theyre better and have more experience than me, play some rhythm to go to it, and then practice some harder stuff so i can accomplish being better than someone else in the future man
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I'm always the songwriter and/or vocalist aswell, so I don't get replaced... The other guitarist in my band can shred his head off and is theoretically slightly more knowledgeable than me but I write all his parts anyway...

But most of all, don't get into bands unless you click with the guys. My band members are also my closest friends.
As long as he wasnt a dick head id be real happy for a good guitarist who liked my music to join a band with me. I mean I could learn from him, him from me, it would be great.
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hah fat chance.
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Other guitarist in my band kicks my ass up and down. I'm glad I am in the band, because it gives me the opportunity to rise to his level, although he sometimes makes me insecure by perfectly executing Randy Rhoads imitation shred fests.

But then I play Liberty by Steve Vai, and I calm down.
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What you do is wire his amp so he gets electocuted when he plugs in.

What? I never done it!

*runs for hills*
I would get jealous, but I'm never hostile about it. I accept that he is better than me, and strive to rise above him.
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I probably wouldn't be jealous unless the band totally kicked me out because they found this other musician. If we got a second guitarist I would probably think of it as a good thing. I could focus on my singing while he plays guitar, or I could focus on my guitar playing while he sings.
I would ride his coattail to stardom. You don't have to be a frontman to get lots of money and groupies :-)
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But most of all, don't get into bands unless you click with the guys. My band members are also my closest friends.

+ everything

If you do get in a worthwhile band who makes it professionally, you wanna be sure you're spending the most of your time in a van with the right people.
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