Well i just got amplitube 2 and ive been having some problems.
first off i have a Sound Blaster Audigy2 ZS sound card by creative. Im running the lead into where the manual says guitars can go and that is line in 1/mic in. Im running windows XP and have the asio4all driver.

Ok now to the problem.
when i start amplitube its seems fine its on a very clean setting and everything is good. ok now if i change to a preset such as styles->Rock-> Clean intro. i get a huge loud screeching sound my input and output levels go straight to red and i cant do anything about it. Also my stompboxes dont work.

so does anyone have any idea whats going wrong.

Thanks in Advance
try getting away from the computer a little bit/.. maybe the gain is a little bit to high... maybe your getting feedback from your speakers
no its not that i actually pulled out my guitar and it still made the horrible sound.
the funny thing is when i quit amplitube i can still use my guitar completely clean.
There is a feedback loop somewhere.

Assuming you're using line in.
Open windows mixer - on the playback tab (the one with master volume,wave,swsynth...)
mute the line in - itll stop the sound coming from your speakers once you quit amplitube (might even help your feedback problem - did it on my friends comp and it worked)

if you're using mic - mute the mic
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dont worry about that.

and that didnt work that just muted my guitar completely even on amplitube
you know what else is weird i downloaded guitar rig 2 demo and it did the same thing just a lot of massive feedback and a bit of a squeal.
It is a product of trying to use the program with a stock soundard. In all my experience it doesn't work well at all for life monitoring. Either use an external interface, or record your parts dry and run them through Amplitube post.