Hi all,

I want a guitar effects pedal, with the following requirements:

  • On-board Tuner - Easy accessible
  • ideally 3 footswitches I can assign different tones
  • amp modelling
  • again, ideally, xlr/studio output.

I've found these two:
Digitech RP350

Line 6 Floorpod:

Just wondered if anyone had any other suggestions to throw into the mix?

Out of those two, the Line6.
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I have a zoom g2.1u and its really good.
You can get killer metal distortion and a nice clean, chorous effect.
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get a used podxt live
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+1 on the used POD XTLive, also the BOSS-ME50 is a good alternative, the Floor Pod is good non-the less.
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I have a zoom g2.1u and its really good.
You can get killer metal distortion and a nice clean, chorous effect.

Yeah it really is a great little multi effects unit. far better than zooms earlier stuff.

The effects on it are superb but i didn't care too much for the amp models. they weren't bad though.

Edit: Like many people i won't touch Line 6 products unless it is the real high end stuff.

The pods and tonecore pedals i have tried weren't too good. Too digital sounding. Saying that though i like the sound of the echo pedal from sound clips i have heard.
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I have a RP250 and i really like it but line6 really makes some good effect products. dont know what to tell ya.
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