I'll be up front and say I do not listen to a lot of jazz, nor would I say I'm a big fan. Just an opinion. But for school, our topic is Jazz music. And for the topic we have to perform a solo piece. I was just wondering if you could suggest a solo piece I could play on guitar without singing. So the guitar part would need to play the melody. Any help would be great.
Are we talking full-blown solo jazz guitar here? Melody, rhythm & bass in one, Joe Pass style? Or just a jazz tune you can play the melody of?
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I have no real clue. I'll just give examples from other genres: John Butler - Ocean, Tommy Emmanuel - Angelina. Stuff like that. Suggest anything and I'll have a listen.

edit: Joe Pass' stuff is good. Is there anything you would suggest of his? Nothing too hard.
Buy or borrow a real book, and start with one piece. Figure out the melody line, then add the chords to it and there you have it. Maybe find a piece that has basic chords instead of more complex ones if they give you a hard time.
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Find music (buy a book) for songs like

Stage Fright
Pickin' my way
Feelin' my way

They're all fun, (most) self contained jazz pieces where you'll play a melody along with chords and such.
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