They both look like nice guitars. Have you played either of them?

I'm a bit of an Ibanez fanboy but the schecter looks sweet.
get a hardtail ibanez in that price range, apparently you want trem. Ibanez trem craps out rather fast so I'd go witht he FR. so get the schecter out of these guitars. hope that helps
I'm definitely an Ibanez fanboy, but in this case I'd say go for the Schecter. A Floyd Rose beats an Edge III any day.


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i played that Schecter guitar at guitar center the floyd rose it has is bad ass i would say go for the Schecter
i guess it all depends if you want trem or not....
if you do want trem get an damien
if you don't want trem get an ibanez.

i have the ibanez rg3ex1 its amazing i love it.
so i am an ibanez fanboy as well haha.
Do you think there would be a lot of difference between the "Designed by EMG" pickups and the "EMG H4/H4a"?
id go for the ibanez, cuz the trem on the schecter is a licensed floyd, and i think an edge three would suit you better. however, if u save a little more cash, u can get a schecter with an original floyd and higher quality pickups. it would also have a set neck.
Now it all depends on whether you want a trem or not

Do you have the need for one?

But the Schecter seems to be coming out on top of the choices given so far.
yea...auctually not hat big of a difference. mine has the designed emg. it sounds crunchier in my opinion...
i've played my friends KH and it has H4's... they're close enough
plus the ibanez has a fast fast fast neck...
Good point, i dont think i would use the trem a lot.
I think ill be going for one of the hardtail versions.

Which pickups are better?

Buy the herman li custom. It has serious kung fu action grippage.


but seriously, the damien sucks, I'm not going to lie. You'd be better off saving your money for the 2008 Schecter Avenger Elite. Absolutly amazing guitar.

EDIT:^ EMG's suck, but the damien has the better EMG's.
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Ive played the Ibanez RGR321EX, but the pickups on the one i played were labelled "INF1" and "INF2" on the bridge :S

It had a great neck i do agree
Ok so you like the feel of the nez. That's a start. You can always change the pups

But like I've heard on this board a few times, there is a guitar out there for everyone with the right feel and sound.

So it might be worth saving a bit more and getting the guitar with the feel and sound your after.
Normally I would choose Ibanez over Schecter anyday but between those two, I gotta go with the Schecter...