ok so ive been playing for about 7 months but never played with a pick just my thumb n first 2 fingers , now im trying to and finding it hard as f**k, like songs i can usually play with ease im screwin up left right n center so heres my question, should i continue trying to learn the ways of the pick or or continue playing pickless?
You were playing knopfler stylee? I was trying to learn that sorta style for a while the other day but its a head ****.... I guess its complete opposite to yoiur problem haha!

You should learn with a pick for sure, it wont take too long tbh just stick with it and you will get it down soonish, but don't worry too much about it just play however is right for you and whatever conveys your feel the most.

Any tips for learning knopfler style? picking romeo and juliet just sounds **** to me.....
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mainly classic rock (led zep, van halen, jimi hendrix, queen, acdc) also fair bit of chili peppers n metallica with a bit of punk and im startn to play blues