Do you know of any Unis that offer this? Good ones? And what i need to do to get in?

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National university of singapore (aka NUS)http://www.nus.edu.sg/

nanyang tech university does as well

both are in singapore ... both are very well known
im very sure one of them was in the top 10 universities in the world
Yes I was already lookign at both of them..Just needed to see a couple of more options, if any..
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Actually, NUS is #19. Not top 10. I was initially considering biotech or something along that lines, and actually thought of NUS as a possible uni, but i decided to change goals and aim for a buisness degree in UK or just go to NUS buisness school or something.

For biotech research, Harvard, Tokyo Uni and University of London are supposed to be of the top 3. These USA unis are supposed to be good too

University of California-San Francisco
University of Pennsylvania
University of California-San Diego
Johns Hopkins University
Washington University-St. Louis
University of Washington
University of California-Los Angeles
Yale Universit
Stanford University
Rockefeller University
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Baylor College of Medicine
Duke University
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