I posted this in a thread I made but I thought more people might look if I made a new one.

Also after I night of practicing this morning I played a little before coming to work and it seems my 2nd string from top seems to have an extended sound to it, hard to explain but its as if it starts off soft then gets a bit louder. Doesnt sound quite right, not sure what this could be because? It kind of echos, could this be to do with tuning or screwed up pickup(hope not seeing as I only just got the guitar) or a bad string as it wasnt quite in place when I first got it. Altho it was find last night.

hope someone can help me out, cheers.
put on new strings, if that doesn't help it might be the nut or bridge, does it still do it when the guitar isn't plugged in?
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ah havent tried without it plugged in. what would be wrong with nut/bridge? ive got a set of strings so might have to replace.
well just put those strings on, but while you have no strings on it check the tuning clips up top and make sure they are tight, and then put the new strings on it. if it still does it you might wanna run to a local musician store and have them look at it.
yea going to when I get home, still at work for another hour :< wanna go home and have a play. will I have to change all of them or just the one that seems bung. what do you mean by the tuning clips.
like you know the part that the string goes through at the top of the guitar. check if they are loose.