hi guys i am trying to master high and dry by radiohead, currently i am playing an f#m (a variation of any way fingers 3/4 in fourth fret on A and D string), to an asus2 to an e

i think its version 3 on the guitar tab guide, however im finding it tricky going form the e to te f sharp, is there any easier cords i can play? cheers for your help guys, this version does sound good maybe i just need a bit more patience!!!
try playing the E chord with your ring finger on the A string, your pinky on the D string, and your middle finger on the G string. then when you go from the E to the F#m, you can just slide your ring and pinky fingers down and lay your index finger on the second fret.

when switching between an open E major chord and barre chords, sometimes it's helpful to fret the E major without using your index finger so that you can just slide all of your fingers down the fretboard to the desired barre chord and lay your index finger down to complete the chord.

that make sense?
thats what i do good advice works great for me also b minor to a minor uses the same principle practice both youll pick it up.