How can I produce multichannel sound from line in?.....When you plug a guitar to a line in it only produces sound in my front left and front right speaker............
TO record --- you need a program that can record the track and the be targeted to a specific speaker. To just play out through the speakers you need to send a 5.1 channel signal to get that. Line ins are just stereo so that is all you get.

If your computer has Dobly Pro Logic it can convert a 2 channel signal into a multi channel surrond sound.
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i will not record but will just play.....
you need a soundcard that supports 5.1 channel audio, and a speaker system for 5.1 channel audio.

assuming you have that, it will not generally record to all channels, you need to bounce the tracks to whatever channel you want them to come out if, how you do this depends on what program you are using.
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You can't "make" mono audio into a Dolby 5.1 on the fly via software, you need a Dolby 5.1 encoder ( a big ass piece of expensive hardware). I have one sitting in a rack which I can let you have for around $60000 if you want (plus shipping, fees etc)!!!

You can get Dolby encoder plug-ins for Cubase etc, but they only work on pre-recorded tracks, not "live" audio inputs.
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i have a button in my control panel which turns everything into fake 5.1 but i'm sure thats not what you want, otherwise listen to the clever people.
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One line-in has 2 channels.

5.1 systems have 3 line-outs, one for each pair of front and back speakers, and another for the center speaker/subwoofer.

So essentially, you can't produce multichannel sound from one line-in, at least not directly.
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Even if its fake I just need an output from the other channels I dont need surround dts or one that is circulating through the speakers ,I just need to get an output.