I'm thinking that this would work best in the melo-death style. Maybe that's just me though.

[Verse 1]
Do not tread, mortal, near the pond
For there is a creature from beyond
His eyes glow with the fires of hell
At being evil, he does excel

Hector the devil duck
If you see him you’re out of luck
He’ll end you and all you love

Hector the devil duck
He will peck and it will suck
He’ll end you and all you love

[Verse 2]
My words are irrefutable
Though he may look cute...able
Do as this beast demands
Or he’ll peck off your hands


[Odd bit]
Do not approach the bird of dread
He won’t accept the gift of bread
Can’t you see he’s prepared to shred?
He’ll peck your arms, he’ll peck your head,
Only last week he murdered Fred,
Go to the pond over the hill instead,
You’ve gone mad, he’ll peck you dead!

He’ll peck you dead, he’ll peck you dead
He’ll peck you dead, he’ll peck you dead
(Repeat until audience is driven mad)


Awesome, Minky, pure awesome.

Though he may look cute...able

That was so funny.
Urm... Not sure about the whole melodeath thing, although I would absolutely ADORE this song if Spinal Tap were to play it.
Play it a la "Boris The Spider". Sorted.
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