Heres a mock up of my next build for myself -

1 Piece Honduran Mahogany body,
1 Piece Master Grade Flamed Maple neck,
Ebony Fingerboard,
African Blackwood Headstock Veneer,
Neck, headstock and body binding,
EMG 81 in Bridge,
Single Volume control,
T-O-M and stoptail,
Sperzel Locking Machineheads.

Not gonna be started for a while but I'll update it when I get something done.

That's pretty badass

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Wow an LP looks really wierd without a neck pup in it heh.
And maybe we can fly away from here, surf on the debris of a broken scene...
love it!

it's an LP made for metal, no need for that stinkin' neck pickup!

(actually... i love my neck pickup)

You and your mahogany

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Sounds similar to the one I'm planning. I'm going Mahogany with a maple neck-through and Walnut accents, though. This is a link to a kisekae I did, then photoshopped. I'm still not happy with the head, though. I'll probably bring the maple in the head down to the width of the top of the neck, and bring the Mahogany in further. I dunno yet. But that's what planning is for. I won't be starting it until this summer, so I've got some time to plan.
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Wow, that looks sweet, and so does DuctTapeNinja's. Cant wait to see it
Sweet, Its like a spotlight special. I love them, I'd go with the single large stripe of Walnut though.