I recently bought a Wii and I dont have any games exept Wii Sports. I loved Super Smash Bros. Melee and have been a Zelda fan all my life. I know Twilight Princess and Smash Bros. Brawl are both amazing. So which game should I buy? (Currently can only buy one game)
Buy SSBB.You'll get more replay value out of it.TP is more like Ocarina Of Time 1.5.Trust me,I've finished it.
Twilight Princess was epic but Brawl is amazingly fun and addictive. Brawl has insane replay value (you will absolutely never get bored of it...seriously.)

Watch some videos of it on youtube or go on the website.

The gameplay, the characters, the solo options, and wifi aspect make this game possible the best Nintendo has ever made.

btw, I have both. (so while twilight gathers dust, I don't think my Brawl disc will ever see the light of day again cause I don't think i'm ever gonna take it out of my wii!)
Well u gotta get both eventually so i would suggest it probs doesnt matter that much (tho i would choose smash bros).
if you have friends then get brawl, if not then get twilight princess
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Twilight princess is awesome, but i would highly suggest playing it on a gamecube controller and not the wii remotes. I played it on both and the game was much better with the gc controller. Have you looked at ebay or a gamestop for zelda? It will probably be fairly cheap by now.
Definitely go for Brawl.
With the random characters etc. everybody's pretty evenly matched but overall it's just fun and I'm guessing fun is what you want.

On the subject of Brawl... Anyone have guitar tabs for Final Destination or a link to a site or something that does?
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I can't believe you americans have brawl already. We get it over here in the UK on may 30th! jesus christ how unfair?!

But yeah go with brawl.
I've only played TP for Gamecube, and I gotta say it is one hell of a game, you will go back for a replay on this one.
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If you have friends, Brawl. If you have no friends, TP.
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That's exactly what I was going to say.

I only own TP though, but...SSBB looks pretty damn awesome.