(Savvy ones, preferably)

I bought Smash Brothers. I worked on it for awhile on Sunday and Monday, unlocking a prodigious myriad of virtual goodies on my save file. Yesterday, my friend wanted me to come over to play it with her. I was all for that, naturally, but then I realized that I couldn't transfer my save data to any sort of portable medium. In Ye Olde Days, you could just put your memory card in your pocket and take it anywhere you wanted to (like Poland), but apparently you can't do that anymore. I've heard some rumours regarding the ability to slap a save file on your Wiimote. I Googled it for a few minutes and gathered no conclusive results.

So here I am. Asking you folks. I'd heartily appreciate any help.
You can get a flashcard thing like what they have for PSP's.
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um... ya, I just usually lug my actual console around (it's not cumbersome at all), but if there is a better way to transport information I'm for it.
I think you can't transfer your save file. I read that the Smash bros. save file is copy protected and cannot be duplicated. I don't own the game yet (European) so I could be wrong.

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No, the Smash Brothers file "cannot be copied". I tried moving it to an SD card. So I guess it's just a lost cause, then?
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