my friend started playing bass and asked me what songs he should learn

ive been playing guitar for three years and i just told him to learn the ramones songs i learned when i first started playing.

what else are some bands with easy basslines for beginners?

no punk. he is pissed off all i could tell him to learn was the ramones
Its always more fun to learn song you listen to. You'll also be more familiar with the songs and be able to learn them easier than a song your learning just because someone on the internet said you should learn it. I can't contribute any songs at the moment because all thats coming to mind is punk songs right now.
Green Day some good stuff. It's not super easy, but it's not really that challenging either. The Clash has some cool stuff as well.
He could check out some Arctic Monkies stuff, their bassist plays some nice lines.
yeah, just get him to look up bands he likes anyway, he'll be more motivated if he's playing something he enjoys.