Sorry about this, I know loads of these threads pop up.

Can anyone tell me how to make an image on photoshop that doesn't have the white background when exported and saved ?Because even when the backgroud is transparent in photoshop, when I put it in another program, I have the image centred in a square/rectangle background which obviously messes up my ability to put the image on top of something else. Can anyone tell me how to avoid this ?
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put it as a .gif
it's just teh way things are
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What's the difference between dithered and non dithered though ? Sorry , I'm such a n00b.
There is poetry in despair.
Frontpage. I just tried it as a 128 dithered gif and there is still some background, albeit curved, not a square.
There is poetry in despair.
Save it as *.png file format.
Of course using photoshop erase the white background and make sure that the background is transparent.
*.gif is mostly for moving images
*.png is for images that are used in clipart thats why they dont have backgrounds
yeah, sorry, if you're not using it online, go with a *.png
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