A new original. this is a first take thing, so its scratchy. just me and my acoustic, and a drum machine in the second part of the song. its about a coke addiction, and a mans journey through it. like a timeline kind of thing. its a simple little song. i might take it to my band, or maybe not. anyway, i havent posted anything here for a long time, and it hasent been my fault but i feel guilty, so here is something, lol. its called "that white line" click below. C4C

sounded pretty good for a one take thing. really nice tone with acoustic guitar. your vocals arent that bad. i didnt like the sound of the drums, try to find a way to make them sound more clear. and that effect towards the end didnt fit in at all with the acoustic, it may sound alright in a electric version, but not acoustic. a solid song tho, keep it up.
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I deff. liked that. The vocals are great, just hard to understand. Pretty cool tune, nice melody the little lead lines were good. But the effect at the end doesn't work.
i liked the music itself, but the voice offed me a bit. I liked the lyrics also.
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song sounds good to me, will say the guitar seems overbearing, muffling the voice a bit. I suggest boosting the vocals and pulling the guitar back just a little bit, and eqing until it sounds level to your ears. You definitely have a nice tune here though man, keep it up, annd thanks for the crit on mine.
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Sounds great dude, dont change a thing...guitar is beyond perfect..awesome job
Although i'm not into this type of music, I thought this piece was very good. For a one-take, it sounds great. I thought that your voice fit the song pretty good, very nice. I liked the acoustic playing in this as well, but i think you should take out the wah. I think that a little instumental part would suit this song well too. Thanks for critting mine
AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH i love the nice little intro and good voice, very relaxing laid back guitar work like in the background of the the singing i think should leave the drums as the beat just gets boring and doesn't really add to it, either have varied drums all the way through or none at all, overall gd work and keep it up, if you've got links to any more of your songs i would be happy to listen

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