lets see...chorus was really catchy..simple yes...but none the less catchy...verse vox were ok but i think u can improve them (i mean if it was just written in one night theirs always room for improvment ) and also i think you should add in a solo near the end cuz idk it just kinda felt like their was a solo coming lol
nice groove to it. very simple lil song. i would like to here a full band version with drums, bass, and maybe a distorted guitar. but it sounded pretty good the way it is. but i dont know if its because of my speakers or what but it was really hard to hear and i had my volume all the way up, so jack up the volume a lil bit, othere then that it was pretty goood. keep it up.

could u crit mine
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Haha this was freaking sweet. Simple but catchy (especially the chorus). I really liked the little intro lick as well.. very Chili Peppers sounding. My only real negative criticism would be in regards to the vocals.. You have a good voice man. It just sounds as if the vocals have the potential to be so much better. Overall, though, nice work.
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