what gauge strings should i put on my B.C. Rich Beast to make it sound about like a 7 string guitar? i dont have money to buy a seven string and i have an idea for one of my bands songs, i just need a seven string guitar, and i heard you can make a six string guitar sound like one. i dont need the high E string for the riffs im working on. plus my other guitarist is doing the solo anywayz on a six string.
you, you'd have to tune your e to b and so on, putting thicker string wont change the note, it'll just make it sounds beefier
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well u obviously have to skip a string somewhere, but iv downtuned the low E to an A with 12 gauges easy
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if you want powerchords to sound like on a 7-string you might just play inversions on 6 strings : you can play i.e. this :

One of my guitars is currently in drop A with 10s on it, but I will be changing them to 12s
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Quote by Demonikk
One of my guitars is currently in drop A with 10s on it

I bet that sounds like ass.

Sounds like the threadstarter just wants to tune to B, in which case he'll need some heavy strings. Try 13s.
I'd say 12-54s.
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