I'm trying to decide between a Line 6 Pod X3 Live or a Fuzz Factory + Mbox for recording.

I know this is a weird choice to make but i wanna record some stuff i got going on in my head and the Mbox/protools is pretty good for doin that. Plus, with that, i can afford a Fuzz Factory which i've always wanted.

Then again im not sure what Protools has got in terms of different effects and stuff and i wanna expand my creative freedom tech-wise as much as possible. And i know that with a Pod X3 Live i can do that. And apparently it can be used for recording, though i dunno in what capacity. Plus, it sounds awesome live.

What should i do?

well i;ve got a buddy who has the pod x3 and i'm not sure that i'm impressed with it.. i've got a zoom pedal and it sounds way better than his unit, and mine cost three times less than this floor pedal. if you know what sounds you are looking for and you know you can accomplish something with one or the other, then go with what you know.otherwise, it's a chance you';ll have to take.