I have researched amps and I need help deciding on which one. Firstly, I am at a remote location where it is not feasible for me to actually try these amps out.

These are my needs.

I am interested in getting the best sound at low to moderate volume. I will not be gigging with the amp, it will be 95 percent in an apartment situation where I do not want to get evicted (i guess I can play a little louder during day time).

I play mostly rock/ hard rock/ metal. I do have a distortion box (ibanez tube screamer) which I will most likely use rather than the distortion from the amp.

I also do not want to bother replacing the tube every year. I guess I don't mind replacing it every 5 years or so. I am getting conflicting info on this. I have read that the replacement of tube depends on how loud/ how often I play. Some say I may have to replace it every 6-8 months, while others say every 2-5 years. Now, if I am playing at low volume and and NOT using the amp's distortion (which is what I intend to do), will the tube last longer? Another thing I have read is that the tube amp's advantage in tone over solid state only becomes apparent when the tube amp is played at a loud level? I don't think I will be playing louder than 10 o'clock on the volumne knob....

Is roland the better choice for me given these conditions? If so, 20 or 30? Is 30's advantage over the 30 mostly the larger speaker/ wattage and thus sound level and not the quality of the sound?

Thanks for your comments!
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i'd go for for teh roland cube in your case.. but it's up to you to decide
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Fender's amps never really did it for me. But the Roland Cube 30X is an awesome amp. I'd say go with that.
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so if I go with Roland, which one? cube 20 or 30? I will not be needing the extra volume of the 30 but if the 30 sounds better than 20 at low to moderate volume, I would go witht the 30. I know 30 has a few extra sound models (like the rectifier) but I don't think I will be using it that much (since I have distortion pedals that I will be using on the clean channel). Thanks for the quick response.
If you are on the PC alot while playing guitar, why not try getting a PodXt or something like that?
I am not on the PC a lot while playing. I notice that you have the cube 30. Did you ever try the cube 20? Does the 30 sound better than 20 in terms of tone in low to moderate volume? Or is 30 just louder and has a few more modeling selections than the 20?