Alright Parrot Heads, it's time to man up and show your Margaritaville pride.

This is for the one and only, easy listening, Jimmy Buffett. Hes been a favorite of mine for a long while now and is a personal favorite among the family.

Heres the thread to discuss that simple six string music that Buffett so rightfully plays.

I can already imagine my self sailing on a boat out on the shore of Galveston, leaving all my troubles behind.
word! buffett is the man!

simple sailing music... easy listening for pirates...

i love Margaritaville, of course... Cheesburger in Paradise is wicked.... come monday.... a pirate looks at 40... changes in latitudes, changes in attitudes... grapefruit juicy fruit

bit of a guilty pleasure, i guess
yea my man from florida! i love margaritaville come monday cheeseburger in paradise and all the other good ones.
Anyone who names a song "Cheeseburger in Paradise" deserves to be hung, drawn and quartered. Jimmy Buffett isn't cool.

^^ Example of a guy who is not cool, mostly likely reminiscent of your father.
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Derigiberble would win in a fight against any UGer, n00b or not, just because most people on the site can't help but love him/her.

Get, Get, Get, Get, Get Out And Push.
I went to a Jimmy Buffett concert when I was ten! Haha not really old enough to fully enjoy but I still thought it was a blast. My dad got so drunk he broke his finger trying to take a piss. I've had most of Buffett's songs memorized since I could talk haha. I do however think Margaritaville is an overrated and overplayed song however.