I'm insane. for a while I was leaning towards a mesa rectoverb or an F-30/50 because they were cheaper and good sounding. But than came the Roadster, and the Splawn Quickrod/Nitro. And I fell in love with them. Should I wait the extra few months to snag one of these things or should I just grab what I can now so I can play gigs. I mean, I'm just a kid, so I don't know if botique 2k amps are for me for a first Professional amp... BUT THE TONES MAN THE TONES! I also don't know if I have time to save for that, what do you guys think?
You won't be happy until you get the better amp, so you're probably better off waiting.
You Don't Need a halfstack.

You Don't Need 100W.

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Wait and save dude, the better tones will be worth it.
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I think that sometimes, you should only buy what you can justify.



Depends man, if you want it, do it. Splawns are...awesome...and if you can, and want to and have weighed up the pros and cons, DO IT
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Haha. You know what I mean.

Why buy a 5000 dollar 100W amp if you only play in your bedroom, you know?

If you plan to gig later on, then sure. For those of us with real world expenses, though, spending a huge amount of money is a bit harder to justify.

I plan on gigging. These arent 5k... they are not much more than a Mark IV. Thing is I want a combo but these dont come like it
I personally think if you are going to spend a large sum on anything you should save and get exactly what you really want rather than being impatient and getting what you can right now.

On the other hand you could buy an amp now that will hold its value, continue saving and then sell up to get the ultimate amp you want. Sound like a plan eh?
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good idea... Its just that both the amps I want are so hard to come by round here

The thing is, if I spend 1k on a combo... I could easily try to wait it out and grab the Splawn
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