I was sitting today, just playing what little riffs I know, And I sat down and started playing black hole sun.

Then I played the beginning of Under the Bridge, and when i would mess up on one, I would go to the other.

I would think this would mess me up not trying over and over on the same song.

So I was wondering, would it be easier for me to focus on learning one song all the way through when I practice? Or should I just pick riffs from songs I like and learn them?

Either way I think I'm going to just try and stick with one song right now.
to be honest, it depends on your learning style.
if you prefer to learn one song at a time, then do it that way, but as a beginner you might not be able to play the whole song at first, so be prepared to wait and go back to it a year later or something to learn parts that were too hard and technical the first time.
on the other hand, you could learn a few riffs at a time, and get those few up to scratch together.
it's entirely up to you though.
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go for something that has techniques that r used in alot of songs that way u will learn the skills if not the actuall song
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Dont make it a habit to learn just intros or part of the song u lyk...
....so little time.
The 3 songs I'm working on are Floyd's Wish you were here, One by U2 and Sweet Child of mine. I started with SCOM, and I've got the intro and 1st two solos down fairly solid. Then a friend of mine told me I was getting too ahead of myself. So I pulled off of the SCOM ramp and got into WYWH and One to work on Chord changes and Rhythm. It took me quite a while to get a C Chord down and I'm still having some challenges landing a solid clean C Chord (just can't get that G string to ring clearly all the time). What I found was that when I picked up on One (there's a F chord of some type in there), it helped me with the C Chord. So having a few different things to work on helps me open up doors I'm having trouble unlocking.

The intro to SCOM is kinda like a little finger warmup exercise for me now. Now I'm totally rewinding that intro as I learned it initially with only downstrokes. I'm looking to add some Greenday songs. Still not too fluid on my chord changes. However, it's slowly getting better.
I like working on a few at a time because when you're only playing one song over and over, it gets a little monotonous. Switching to another song keeps it fresh but it's a good idea to learn a song the whole way through instead of just bits and pieces. I have a ton of songs that I learned partially and I go back to finish them off sometimes. I play at home for my own enjoyment however. If you want to play in a band (or solo) to audience someday, you need to get in the habit of learning a song all the way through. It's definitely possible to be working on more than one song a time but not too many. It's best if the songs are different style(chords) so they are good practice at developing your skills.
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