Vicky, you say?

Yes. Vicky turned sixteen last tuesday and has
selected her Uncle's house as the party venue
next week. The 18th-Century development
appears to be the perfect spot.
It will look quite the picture when
Vicky arrives, horse and carriage to
enthusiastic applause, striding through
the eight foot solid oak doors with
eyes lit up like a christmas tree and
a smile as wide as the southern states.
The property was recommended to Vicky by several family
members, though she did use her own
free will to reach the final decision.

Will, you say?

Yes, Vicky is dating Will. She has been since the 14th of
February 2006, when Will approached her at Dan's
house slightly drunk, and told her just how
beautiful she really was. Vicky couldn't resist.
He's on the high-school football team, has
his left ear pierced, gels his hair into
blonde spikes and is the "hottest
guy she ever knew", after all.

Knew, you say?

Yes, at sixteen years old, Vicky is relatively new. Alot newer
than, say, Social Awareness or Toad in the Hole.

Hole, you say?

Yes, Vicky is in a whole lot of mess. Everything
was going just fine, until monday night when,
without thinking, she sent out the
invites with a date set for two weeks time when,
infact, the party is only in one.

One, you say?

Yes, Vicky won the tri-county
chearleading contest last year
and has entered several beauty pageants
recently. She appears to have, at
very least, a fighting chance.
Vicky has always been extremely competitive and
she's a fairly sore loser. This was first evident
when Vicky overturned the Family dining table after being
beaten by her Brother at Monopoly, aged seven.
Back to the topic at hand, though, please.

Back, you say?

Yes, Vicky's back looks gorgeous in her
brand new birthday dress.
Not just her back but her front, too.
She went out to purchase
the dress with her mother, Aunt Sandra and Auntie
Viv. She was worried at first, believing
that her relatives were a little too old to be
selecting a 16 year olds birthday gown.
All of her fears were eased, however, when they
found Suzanne, an extremely inviting
dressmaker with a comforting laugh and a
wonderful taste for teenage girls fashion.

Taste, you say?

Yes, at the party, food galore! There will be all kinds
of horsd'oevres,
canapes, blinis with salmon and caviar,
buffalo mozzarella and delicious crab cakes.
Vicky has her Uncle's friend,
Ron, who's worked in the food-game for years and
has ties to some well known chefs, providing a
gorgeous catering service.

Ties, you say?

Yes, this is a formal event. All men will be expected
to arrive dressed for the occasion.

Occasion, you say?

Yes, providing Vicky can resolve the date-issue,
this will be one to remember.

just a bit of fun, c4c, o.t.s
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I really liked this. It was really well written. I liked how you used a word fromt he previous stanza in the first line fo the next but with a completely different meaning. Great work man.