Is the Gibson explorer a good guitar for the price ($1,199)? I play mostly metal and some classic rock. The guitar I currently use most is the Gibson SG Standard. Does anyone here actually own the X-plorer? Is it good?
I've tried the Epiphone gothic Explorer thats pretty sweet so I assume it rocks.
for the price, questionable, seeing as all gibsons are overpriced

as for the explorer itself, goddamn i love that guitar! plays/feels/sounds amazing and is IMO perfectly balanced for playing
You should probably get an epiphone explorer with a pickup change. As long as you try before you buy, you'll be fine.


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Everytime i go to Guitar Center I have to play my 2nd favorite guitar. (Gibson Explorer) Almost all Gibsons are over priced, but the Explorer is a really good guitar for metal and classic rock.
Gibson Explorers are great guitars. Not a big fan of the 500T but that could be easily rectified.
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Theyre good guitars but are definatly overpriced. I used my friends and it sounds pretty good but i have other things i would rather buy before i spend that much money on any guitar.
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look at it as a Spyker C8 or something. It is more expensive than an equivalent Porsche, but it is so much more good looking and sexy.

what I'm trying to say: it's a little expensive, but it's so much more cooler than any other guitar.

yes yes go for it
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Everyone says it's overpriced, but for the tone, feel, woods, i think it's a great price. To me it's not overpriced. Now if you live in some parts of the world where they tax the hell out of everything, you're probably not paying the same price I am living in the same country where it's made and maybe it's not a great value to you.

Now to the actual guitar, the pickups are hot and have a scooped sound that's conducive to metal although it's not tough to get a decent sound for other genres. The one thing I'll say that has impressed the heck out of me is how perfectly balanced they seem. This does not hold true for all guitars of this shape. A friend of mine has an EX-400 and it has some pretty noticeable neck dive.

The neck profile is another thing I like. It's not a Jackson-esque shred neck but it's thin enough to be comfortable.

Compared to your SG, the explorer is probably going to be balanced better but ultimately, heavier. Also, the tailfin sticks out and if you move around a lot without paying attention, you may whack it on things until you get used to it. Overall it's my main go-to guitar.