Just post here what you think is the best guitar ever made and why, try to post a picture if you can!

IMO, the new epi LP ultra II is a big step foreward...for the company, as well as where the electric is headed...
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The best guitar ever made would have to be the first solid body to have commercial success, the 1952 blackguard telecaster.
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The question isn't really usefull... At all!

Best guitar, for what? For western? For Metal? For everything (all-round)? For acoustic songs?
The Fender Telecaster, purely because it was the first mass produced solid body guitar.

But my favourite. God knows!!

EDIT: someone beat me to it! ^
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Depends what you mean. Best guitar can mean a few things to me..I think as far as playability goes, it varies for everyone, but i believe the strat cant be beaten if set up right. For technology, either the new gibson robot or the gibson HD.6-Pro Digital, both are pretty sweet.
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Ok, i'll play.

The 1957 Fender Stratocaster

and the 1958/1959 Gibson Les Paul.

Those models really ignited the 60's-70's musical explosion in the U.S. and Abroad.

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The best guitar ever made would have to be the first solid body to have commercial success, the 1952 blackguard telecaster.

If it was the first, I hardly see how that makes it the best, it just makes it primitive. Was the first computer ever made the best? Of course not.
I'm not saying its a bad guitar, just that your argument is pretty poor.
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dont sweat how quick your progressing, i heard that Jimi hendrix didnt get his legendary guitar skills until he was dead

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Better question:


Damn that made me laugh!

And in my opinion, My S470, Linda III. She's my "evo", my "number one", my "Lucille" and all the rest of it.
It's up to taste. I like thin necks and high-gain pickups, heavy strings, rosewood/maple fretboard, some sort or trim, 2 volume knobs and a master tone, anvil type inlays. Of course that would be MY perfect guitar, I'll get a custom made one of that eventually =]
The Gibson and Epiphone Les Paul Ultra. I can't post a picture but I have a few pictures of mine in my profile. Check them out if you want.
I like the new Gibson Robot, and Fender Strat, maybe Fender Tele, but I like the shape of Strats better than Teles, although Teles were its predecessor. I have a Squier Strat myself, I guess that's why :p.
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There is no best as it is subjective.

I fully support this answer as it is the truth.
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In my opinion....

barettas ftw!
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This thread has been done to death...

That said, Kramer Jersey Star, or the mid-90's Richie Sambora signature Stratocasters. Say what you will about Bon Jovi, but Richie has flawless taste in guitars, and all of his signature guitars, or guitars based on his signature guitars, are always the most versatile, well made guitars money can buy. It says a lot that Eric Clapton 'borrowed' a feature of Richie's guitars in the early 90's to improve his own.
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...Richie has flawless taste in guitars...
I'm sorry but I need to disagree in a big way

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Are we talking quality or quantity. The best quality guitars in my opinion are the tom anderson stufff. My favorite mass produced are the fender strats. Own both play both but the fender has taken a back seat to the anderson.
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i genuinely love starts and teles body shapes, but adore gibson humbuckers.
if i could go for two, i would go for
an hss strat, low output pickups, with vee locking vibrato, to add yet more flare to the original fender strat.
id also go for a tele shape with a large body, and a humbucker at the neck.
I hate passive pickups.
in fact why dont we make it shorter and say
a richie sambora strat and a chunky tweaked tele and make everything simpler
For teh metulz

For versatility

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My Kramer Turbulence R. Those r not my own pics, but they look better

Whats better than 7 strings, really good floyd, fastest neck i used, and the most sustain ever. And the 36 frets.
they are easy to play until the 29th. After that I usually use tapping. I have came up with some really cool improv licks.