Best techniques that look amazing?

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sweep up then tap/slide, sweep down

looks and sounds awesome =D, not very easy thou lol
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Best techniques that look amazing?


If by look you mean sound, then I'd agree with sweeping, or maybe tapping, but not like huge strings of just tapping little bits within a melody or song.
if you want to look cool, try playing the guitar upside down, through your legs, behind your back and with your teeth. Zakk Wylde uses these at concerts.

tapping looks cool too, but if it sounds crap then you wont look cool. dont sacrifice sound for looks.
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Or try playing classical guitar; that's one of the most awesome things you can do.
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Sweep tapping.
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dont sweat how quick your progressing, i heard that Jimi hendrix didnt get his legendary guitar skills until he was dead

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sweep picking and the legendary dimebag squeal thing..when done right. altho it can be quite funny when people try and do it and are rubbish
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its weird...i always thought sweeps were so cool, until i got good at them...now theyre just bleh.

i find two hand tapping pretty cool
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I think that qualifies as sweep tapping.
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The Gilberto method of string skipping/sweeping. Although not really sweeping, i think it looks more apealing and do it more often. Of course you need to add the tap slide thing too.
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The Gilberto method of string skipping


Was just about to say that!

People sweep hes leads alot when theirs string skipping because its a hard technigue to do as well as he does!
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its weird...i always thought sweeps were so cool, until i got good at them...now theyre just bleh.

i find two hand tapping pretty cool

I know exactly what you mean. It gets boring. I learn different arpeggios now though like major6 ect. Keep it interesting.

And yeah anything with tapping looks cool.
The best technique looks boring...watch Segovia. It looks like those fat fingers of his couldn't hold a spoon. You hardly see him move but it sounds like an orchestra when he plays. Good technique glorifies efficiency, not showmanship. If you want a good LOOKING technique I'll leave you with the windmill power chord.
my favorite little trick is the one Page and Frusciante do live, where they bend the strings over outside the fretboard by the nuts, with distortion, and then use the whammy.


like at :35 seconds in. Its fun, really really easy to do, and it sounds pretty cool. I also like pinch harmonics, and the harmonic over on the 2.75 fret with a whammy, i guess its called the dimebag squeal? those are tight.