Please help with info about a Samick Acoustic Electric Guitar SWTA 217 CE. The front of this thin body, acoustic/electric guitar is (my best description) inlayed in a "zebra" or "camouflage" pattern with 3 different types of wood on the entire front of the guitar. It has both a large and a small plug-in hole on the very bottom (for an amp I guess?). After hours on the internet, still haven't seen anything like it. We can't even find the model # on the internet. My daughter purchased this used. Can't find ANY info on this. We really want to learn more our it - how old it is, value, original cost,is it a custom guitar, etc. It doesn't seem to be a standard model. It's a nice guitar and we are curious as heck about it. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Below are the links for 3 photos of it. Samick Company is no help - can't even get through to them. Thanks in advance for your help.

WOW is that is just super-nice. That is an amazing top, definately hang on to it. If the bottom has 2 inputs, a 1/4" and one with 3 pins, the 3-pin jack is called an XLR input, the same thats used on mics. If you take a mic cord, you can plug it directly into your PA or mixer, instead of having to mic it or plug into an amp. It sounds better, too.
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Pretty sweet bit of kit!
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I have one just like it, bought it new at a music store in Florida in 1996 for $500 even.
Favorite acoustic ever! It appears we are the only two people in the world with one.
I also own the same model Samick. I saw it on ebay about three years ago and had to have it. I replaced the nut and bridge with bone and also replaced the bridge pins and end pin with ones made of bone with abalone inlay. It's a very easy playing guitar and it's definitely different.