I was looking and i cant find anything about the im not even
shure what genre they go in but I think theyr good
i dont think anyones even heard of them.
has any one heard "See saw"? its on one of ther indie releases
what about "kyla cries colonge"? or "a seafarers knot"?
if so what do you think?
i love them. very cool peeps too. i saw them twice, once with the 69 eyes ( no...) and with chevelle ()
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M. Night Shyamallama

They are very underrated, the singer is absolutely amazing. Tales from a mayfly is one of the best albums I have bought in the last year. It's a shame more people don't know about them.
Yeah, their vocalist is great, really unique voice.

I do like their album, but sometimes get a bit bored about 3/4s the way through. Still a solid album, though.
Hell yes!
I saw them live in December. Awesome freaking concert.
Plus I got to shake the guitarist's hand and get his autograph. Great guy.
Vice/Versa and Walls of Jericho are my favs.

P.S. I wanna get their two older albums. I know where to get IFS, but does anyone know where I can find "A Carbon Copy Silver Lining"?
Walls of Jericho = pure awesomeness. I still have to try and get used to those songs where the singer goes way high in pitch.