I was rooting around in our basement this afternoon, and found a little gem that I'm wondering about using for added EQing.



It takes headphone-sized jacks, and I have one 6-footer that has that size and quarter inch, so if I bought another, I could feasibly put my bass into that, then that into the Line In port, or the bass into the amp and then try the EQer in the Line In.

Question is, will it work? I don't think the first method would, but the second might. And if it does, will it have any negative effect(s) on the sound/quality?

Apologies for the quality on the second picture- out of six, that was sadly the best one. It's just showing the jacks, with a Tape and Main section for them.
If any more pictures are needed, I'll try to get them.
I should think it would work, but I would plug your bass into your amp like normal and put that thing in your effects loop.
Just remember...

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Those arnt headphone jack sockets.

You'd need an adapter liek this...

Plug your regular bass lead in one end and plug that into the left input on the "main" ones, (thats the one one btw).

Then get another adapter, plug it in the output socket.

The adapter you will need is a 1/4" to RCA.

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That EQ will want the signal at line level rather than instrument level - so you'll want to put a pre-amp in front of it (or put it in your effects loop)

Since it's stereo you could fun another instrument or vocals through it.
Okay, thanks for all the responses.

I'll go ask my dad where he put that cable, and try it out.

Also, I know they're not headphone jacks, it's just all I could think of for wording at the time. I need to brush up on my electronics vocabulary- it's been about 4 years since I've done tech crew stuff.
Okay, for this to work, will I only need a line out from the equalizer to the Line In port on the amp, or will I also need a line out into the equalizer?

Also, with a one speaker combo amp like mine, should I just keep the left/right parts equal? If they're different, will it cause some weird thing?
The EQ should have separate left/right inputs and outputs, so only use one half of it. You'll need to run a line out from your amp to the EQ and back.