Rythm guitarist who play thrash metal. (mainly metallica-ish).

Need some tips to varmup my voice so it doesn't crack up after an intense half hour.

Also need some tips on what to do after singing to maintain my voice.

I use my voice very raw and high pitched, but lack of varmup/techniques makes it loose power.

Thanks in advance
Har nånn egentli vorri langt sjøl om bestemt sæ for å bruk t å me gå å vill å gjør sjå mer lik?
Warming up with vocal slides is really helpful -

Starting in falsetto range, say "Sing", and holding the "n" slide it up and down your vocal range. "Chewing" in a really exaggerated way and making silly faces will help loosen your facial muscles.
You can do these starting low and humming up and down your range as well, but it helps to have the high tongue position and facial mobility from the first way.

Try singing some arpeggios? Consonant sounds like "Ny-" are good for keeping your tongue high, which is healthy, apparently. So maybe "Ny-" and then different vowel sounds, to the arpeggios.

EDIT: Good luck, this should probably go in the vocal/singing tips thread so I'm sure someone will point it out soon.
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Vocal thread at the top of this forum is where this thread belongeth.

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Vocal thread at the top of this forum is where this thread belongeth.


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