i know pretty much every thing but that and i think its time for me to start.. so i was wondering wat i could learn first.
You could just pick simple solos and learn them (stuff like "smells like teen spirit"). Another popular aproach is learning some scales as well as practicing bending, slides, hammer ons and pull offs. But I recommend just learning the solos to songs. It's way more fun (=>more motivation).
learn the pentatonic minor scale and u can solo to a bunch of stuff also try playing to jamtracks and just experiment, it's hard at first, but its just another thing that takes a while
Thank god for guitar tabs... Take your time and start with easy songs. If it is a tough solo learn it in smaller parts. I have been practicing scales for eons and playing a solo is a lot more fun. Scales helped me increase speed, but solos can do that too. It just comes down to practice.